Check Out Clarity Counseling’s Recommended Reading For Body Image and Food Issues

The following are a list of Clarity Counseling recommendations based on what our clients have found helpful to their personal growth. Most can be borrowed from the library or purchased at book stores.

Body image is the perception that an individual has about their body. Swimsuit season can be tough on some. Clarity Counseling wants to help you understand the impact of cultural pressures, parental messages and past experiences on your ability to accept, love and honor your body no matter the size or shape.

Marty Tallakson and Trish Tallakson, counselors with Clarity Counseling in Fargo, are always open to suggestions on specific books, movies, websites and community resources that have been meaningful to you! To read more our of recommendations, visit

  • The Appetite Awareness Training Workbook by Linda Craighead
  • 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food by Susan Albers
  • Fat is a Family Affair by Judith Hollis
  • Hot and Heavy by Judith Hollis

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